So today has been lazy so far Brooke and I went out to lunch Well I had Coffee lol .. Trying to get more fit b4 summer this year just feeling yuky about myself lately ...  Im debating on changing the look in the living room Due to Xmas I really want to put the tree in front of the window this year but to do that I gotta change everything around :( booo But Im trying to get the motavation to get it going .. And This week i want to take brooke to see Santa and Finish up most of my xmas shopping as well .. I hate the mall at xmas time and thats Huge for me since i love shopping ...  

Getting soo Cold here as well , No snow yet so thats a good thing . 

So at this point its just a Lazy Sunday , Hoping it wont be allday but who knows days not over yet ... 

Will repost if anything changes !!  

Merry Christmas Mommies !!! holding ornaments

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