things are going good sometimes I really want to quit my job,but I don't because I have rent and bills to pay..I met a new man and he makes me happy.and he is coming to visit in dec.when he has his vacation time..

sometimes I wish I hadn't gone back to walmart.but sometimes it's ok..I know its hard to find a good job..My sister is out of jail,she filed for divorce from he wants me to find him a new girlfriend..I don't know if I can do that....I found out the guy bill williams who had a picture on myspace wasn't who he said he was.he is a young man,anyway I got passed that..

they have been scheduling me closings and I am not going to do closings when he is here visiting....

I have this young women at work who asked me about my boyfriend and she goes to me that she is a rascist and then she goes on to say her husbands a skin I don't like working with her..

I know I am going to have a problem with my mom too..oh well they will get over it..I am happy...


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