As a mom of 4 boys I really don't need anymore kids, but the begging of the month gave me a scare. My period was late but ut came this morining, Thank God!!  I also have fibroid tumors so Im irregular anyway but never this long. My  hubby overhears me telling my BF that it fanilly came and had the neve to say "I thought you said ur tubes was tied before we got together!!, Are u serious??  I aint got to lie about my body. i aint no hoe trying to get rich. I already know my current responsiblies and I aint nevefr gotta trap no man to stay wit me. I got the good good ma!!. Im a grown ass woman with future career plans, Sorry cafemoms, but for someone who says they love and care about me, how you gonna come at me like that! Boo Im too old for trapping!!!!!   

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