• On Sunday October 17 I started having prodromal labor. Just your basic irregular contractions. However, all of mine was in my back.On 10/20 I woke up to losing some of my mucus plug. I also had an OB appointment that day. She did a check since I told her I felt that I'd lost my plug an I wasn't sure if I was leaking water. I was 2cm. She didn't tell me effacement. I know I was still real high due to how she had to do the exam. She said that I most certainly was losing my plug.

    Fast forward to 10/23 contractions started to get more intense and timeable. At 4am on they were 7min apart and 1 min in duration. I called my OB to see what she thought. She told me that with them being that far apart she'd stay home so I can avoid hospital staff trying to get me to agree to the various interventions I didn't want. So I stayed home. At 10am I called my supervisor to put her on notice that today might be the day. Throughout the day the contractions got more intense and closer together.  At 5pm they were 5-6 min apart and still 1 min in duration. At 6pm they had gotten to 4 min apart and 1 min in duration. I called my doula and let her know what was going on. She was 2 hrs away but started to head back this way.  I got to the point where I couldn't lay down or sit. So I was walking and leaning over my birth ball. At about 8pm I noticed that the ladies I assist were getting very concerned about me. So I called my supervisor and told her I was leaving for the hospital. On the way we called my OB to let her know what was going on.

    I get to the hospital and they triage me. The nurse that is doing the check gets a rather surprised look on her face and goes "girl you are at 6cm and 80% effaced,+1 you are having a baby soon!" She then goes, you also have a very bulging bag of water. Next thing I know I feel a swipe and then a gush. The nurse then goes "oh it just broke". I wanted to say BS you just broke it but I wasn't in any mood to. While she was doing the exam another nurse was hooking me up to the EFM. I told them they'd need to go under my belly to find baby's HB. Well sure enough that's where it was but of course they didn't want to have to hold it there for 20 min. So they tell me ok we will need to do internal monitors. I told them "No, I am not doing internals!" They tell me that they HAVE to do them so they can get baby's HB. I once again repeat "I am not doing internals" So one nurse says well we will have to call the doctor. Well she comes back with the phone. She tells me that my OB is not on tonight and that her on call dr wants to speak to me. Well first of all I don't know who the heck this doctor is since my OB is in practice by herself. So first I panic because I'm just certain that I'm about to have a fight on my hands. So I take the phone. The doctor introduces himself and then asks me what my concerns are about having internal monitoring. Okay my guard starts to drop a little. So I tell him. He then tells me that those are very valid concerns. My first which was mobility. He asked me what my dilation was again. I told him 6cm. He then tells me "Oh wow, you are the calmest woman that I've spoken with at 6. He then asked me if I was certain that as I progressed I would want to still be up and moving around. I told him yes. He then told me that he could order the nurses to disconnect the probe in between monitoring so I could be mobile.  As to my second concern about infection. In his experience he'd never had a problem with that from internal monitoring. He then told me however, it is my call and that he's not going to assault (his exact word) me. He then asked me if they were able to even get a tracing. If so he didn't see the need for internal. He then said bye. So I asked the nurse about the tracing. She said well yes but we'd have to hold it there. I told her I guess that's what they'd have to do. So  we walk to my room.

    My doula shows up and introduces herself to my nurses. They tell her about the monitoring and such. She tells them if they'd like she would be more than willing to hold the transducer in place. To which they say great. I walk in my room. I lean against the counter and the rail from my bed. This labor is so different for me. I didn't want to be touched at all. I hopped in the shower several times. Poor DH kept wanting to help me by using counter pressure but I had to keep telling him "not now"

    My nurse was great. If she'd come in while I was working through a contraction she'd speak softly to me and remind me to relax my face muscles, my shoulders etc..She wouldn't bother me about vitals or efm until I was through with the contractions. For my EFM's she figured out if I was on my side they could belt the monitor on. However, those 20 min on my left side were killing me I was getting to where I couldn't handle them and they had increased in frequency. I had a cervix check at 10pm and was 8 with a bit of a lip. The nurse asked me if I'd had a LEEP done. I told her yes. She said she thought so she could feel the scar tissue. So she massaged it.

    At 11:30 they checked my cervix. The nurse said that I was 9 and complete. They called the dr and got everything ready. When the dr got there I was standing leaning over my bed rail swaying. He introduced himself once I worked through that contraction. He then tells me "Well you were right about one thing you were right when you said you would still be moving around". Well then he checks me. He looks at the nurse and says 7, maybe 8 and 85%. He then looks at me an says however, this baby will be born soon. I am going to stay at the hospital until he is. On his way out he stops and asks my mom how she came about naming me Augusta. She tells him it was my grandmother's name. He tells her ahh it's a very strong name.

    Well around 1am I can't handle things anymore an request the epi. Once again I was so upset with myself. The anesthesiologist comes and clears everyone but my nurse and DH out. I don't know how many tries it took. Then I notice that I'm feeling pain only in my right buttock. So I tell him and he has to redo it. Since I was at 8 he didn't do a full epi. I was still able to move my toes and had some feeling in my legs. My nurse comes in at 2am and tells me I really should get some rest since it could be anytime soon. At 3am my nurse notices that I haven't had any contractions since I got the epi at 1:30 (ahhhh once again this doesn't shock me means the epi once again stopped my labor) so pitocin was administered. Since I was already at 8 a foley cath for dilation would be pointless.

    At 4am I'm checked and am 10 and complete and contractions are registering. So they get everything ready and want me to start pushing. I tell them that I can't feel to push. So they have me attempt to push for about 30 min before listening and calling anesthesia. At first they just wanted to turn the epi down. Anesthesia told them just stop it completely and if I need something they can administer it. So they stop it.

    At about 5:30 I tell them I can feel to push and I'm having a lot of pressure.  So I start pushing. He starts to crown and the nurse tells me to stop pushing. I tell her I can't. It was the weirdest feeling. My body was pushing DS out on it's own. They paged the doctor. He gets in the room barely get's his gown and gloves on and DS is there. DS was born at 5:51AM. So DS is placed immediately on my chest as they clean him off a bit. DH let's the doctor know that we want to delay clamping until the cord stops pulsating. The doctor says ok then tells DH I think it stopped, here feel. I thought DH was about to faint. The doctor starts stitching me. I remind the baby team about our wishes. They take DS just to weigh him and bring him right back to my chest and do the rest of the exam there. I then have DH take him. The nurse let's me know that they can administer lidocane for the stitches I told her "neah I'm cool" The doctor says "yep you sure are"  At this point my placenta still hadn't delivered. So the doctor just waited. He then says "Well Augusta I guess you can keep this one for the next baby"  He then massaged the front of my belly. After the third massage I felt the placenta release and come out. Before the doctor left he came up to me congratulated me and said that I really impressed him. He then asked me if I was a nurse. I told him no. He then told me well then you are very well read. He congratulated DH, signed DS's baby book and then left. I later found out from my OB that this doctor isn't a MD OB but he's a DO OB which is why he and I got along so great. My doula also told me when she found out who the doctor was that he's the back up OB for several of our homebirth midwives, also that he's the doctor locally who ICAN recommends for women who want to VBAC. So aside from me giving in and getting the epi again I feel really good about how this birth went.

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