I don't know how you guys are when it comes to your dh's and so's but when it comes to mine, it's like we're emotionally attached. If he is upset I seem to get upset too. I can be in a great mood and then I hear his voice and can tell something is wrong and right away my mood goes down hill. 

Tonight is one of those nights. He's kind of off on his own and doesn't really want to talk to anyone, so I'm giving him his space because this is how he deals with things and I know in an hour or 2 he'll come tell me whats going on and I'll be there for him just like he is always there for me when I have a bad day and want to talk his ear off about it to make me feel better. But until he is feeling better I'll be in the dulldrums too. 

So I hope he starts feeling better soon! 


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