Well the last time I was logged on it was in 2008.

I'm so sorry to all my friends that I just disapeared. I'm also prepared for whatever backlash it may have caused.

In 2 years my life has changed so much...

I graduated from my community collage and am now in my second year at a university persuing my BA in dance.

My and dh are no longer together.

Found out my ex MIL passed from lung cancer. And didn't get to attend the memorial service or funeral. (I wasn't told until after each service)

I'm in a relationship with a woman now (2 yrs in jan).

I had surgery for my endometriosis.

We moved.

My dd has switched schools.

My SO's grandfather was diagnosed with stage 4 lukimia.

My grandma was diagnosed with rinodisplastic which is a pre lukimia disease.

So that pretty much catches every one up.

Life is feeling pretty raw still so that's part of the reason for my absence. I hope I can be forgiven for dropping off the face of the net.

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