I live in Ohio and we recently had a horrific tradegy.  In a town (Mt Vernon, Ohio) just about an hour North of me a mother and her two children and her friend were taken from there home.  As things unfolded, the 13 year old girl was found in a basement and her kidnapper was arrested and put in jail and people from the community search for the remaining three people that were missing.  They found them - going from their suspect that they had from the man that they had in costudy.  In a hollowed out tree.  Coroner did the autopsies and they were stubbed several times and dismembered.  I'm asking for prayers for the 13 year old girl.  I'm not sure if she seen or knew what happened to her family, but it has to be hard on her.  If you would like to read the news articles you can go to http://www.10tv.com/

Thank you all.



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