Well we went to our first EVER birthday party (my 4 yr old) and we had a great time up until it was time to open gifts. My daughter decides it will be fun to pitch a fit because she doesnt want to give her friend his present.

I explained to her relatively quietly that when it was her birthday she got gifts from her friends and now its his birthday. I was worried she was jealous because all the kids got him a big bday gift where we got him a gift card so he could pick out his gift.

So after about 3 mins of her screaming at the top of her lungs this card is hers she starts kicking and throwing herself around. I felt horrible for my daughter because I wanted this to be an enjoyable event.

All the parents were looking at me like I dont know how to control my child. I got to my child's level and asked her to tell me whats wrong and then I tried to take her out of the room. I even had other parents intervening to help.

I dont know I feel like a total Mother FAIL as I think I have ruined my daughter's friendships with some of her school friends as well as made her first birthday invite a bad one.

This is just a vent.


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