Care to Join Us? Come make some extra money for Christmas ! ! !

Do you want to interact with incredibly smart and friendly people in an exciting, unique, and vibrant start-up environment? If you want to work on all the coolest new mobile and digital media technologies, we may have just the job for you! ChaCha is transforming the way people get information on the go and how advertisers reach the right people, and we're looking for more extra-sharp brains to help! Think you've got what we need? We'd love to have you on the team!

ChaCha wants:

•·         Puzzle Solvers

•·         Smarty Pants

•·         Clever Moms

•·         Experts

•·         Brainiacs

•·         Info Junkies

•·         Sports Fans

•·         Einsteins

•·         Good students

•·         Inquiring Minds

•·         Know it Alls

•·         Newshounds

•·         Night Surfers

If you consider yourself any one of the above, Become a ChaCha Guide! There are millions of questions waiting for you! No telephone needed. For those of you with small children, this is a job that can be done with them in the same room. No need to try to find a babysitter!

When  you join the ChaCha Community, you can expect to...

•1.     Learn interesting things and share your knowledge!

•2.     Connect with people!

•3.     Long in whenever you want for as long as you want!

•4.     Be a part of the number one SMS Search Service in the U.S.!

•5.     Put some extra coins in your piggy bank!

I started working for ChaCha in 2008, part time. I made over $1,500 that year, over $1,600 in 2009, and I'm over $3,100 now and 2010 is not over yet. ChaCha's contests add to the fun every day! Use for your referrer.


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