This has been the best and the worst three years of my life.  I could complain about what happened or I can rejoice about what happened.  I choose to rejoice.

I have had several jobs in the past three years, laid off of one, left one and was fired from another one.  Now to say I was pissed, upset, hurt and angry would be the understatement of the decade.  To say that it was the best thing that has ever happened to me.  Sometimes God has to place you in difficult situations in order for you to look up at him and only him.  I have no been able to start my coaching career, focus on school, train to get my certifiication in Human Resources and get my marriage back on track.  Can you say that GOD IS GOOD.  He is an awsome God. I am able to coach to women now.  To tell them that life is hard but , it is and can be wonderful. 

Did you see For Colored girls? I did and while everyone else was crying and shocked from the movie I had a smile and a shaking of the head.  The smile was Wow what a revelation this movie was it was such great research for me and my coaching for other women.  The shaking of the head was Well wow we as women have come so far yet we have gone no where.  Why are we still allowing outside forces to dicate our worth, self-esteem, our love.  Yes My love is to complicated, too wonderful, too mysterious to be thrown in my face.  Love is what we are after and it is within.

Coach Tia,The Phoenix Storm

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