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Looking to buy Partylilte Candles (maybe gifts for family and friends this christmas or just cause you love candles)?  My sister, Sarah J, is throwing a partylite fundraiser to help her go to Costa Rica for school. If you want to order from her the money and orders have to be in by Friday this week! Just let me know if you are interested!


$15 for 18 pack tealights, burn time: 4-6 hrs each.

$20 for 12 votives with holder, burn time 8-10 hrs each.

$20 for Jar candle pair, burn time 25-35 hrs each.



Black Raspberry

Cinnamon & Bayberry

Cranberry Delight

French Vanilla 

Ginger Pumpkin

Holiday Spices


Iced Snowberries

Spiced Cider

Sugar Plum Fairies. 

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