SERIOSLY. NO ONE has a right to be in someone else's business. up in thier finances even if they are on welfare. only the case worker has that right. NO ONE else is ENTITLED TO THAT. and certiany not entitled to say that welfare children dont DESERVE CHRISTMAS PRESENTS either bought OR free. they simply DONT. WTF what type of cold callous woman can think these things? and then turn around and claim that if someone on welfare DOES buy thier child a gift that they have an ENTITLEMENT ATTITUDE that thier child deserves things ONLY because they are on welfare. the convoluted entitltemetn attitdue was nuts. i dont get someone who has themselves convinced that they have a right over the welfare office to declare me buying MY child a christmas present to be misues. MIND YOU I am only on medicaid and medicare because i am not insurable privately due to too many health issue. but that doesnt matter. my child does not deserve ANYTHING , i have no right to spend my own money as i see fit, and that because i DID buy him a christmas present I MISUSED WELFARE


you have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME> did jesus himself raise this woman up on the self rightous throne himself?

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