and it's not as bad as I had expected (yet). If there is anything anyone wants to share (warn) me about, that would be great. I told him I was taking the kids as so the state didnt' get them do to his drinking (he has been written up), and well so far so good. Although, I am not babysitting him, but I would smell it, I am like a blood hound like that. I use to be a bartender in my early days and know that smell in an instant. My father just passed and my mother has weeks (maybe days) to go, so I am under enough pressure and am hoping that he is in control of him. I just spend what little time I do have trying to keep the kids in a consistent routine, and with the time off they have coming, I know that will be a challenge, but I think that i am up for it. I wish that we had family coming or somewhere to go for a distraction, but you can't have it all right? I hope to get the kids to maybe over decorate for Christmas this week and create some spirit around here, and maybe their dad will join in..hopefully without beer goggles he will become more playful..

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Nov. 22, 2010 at 9:35 AM

Be careful with detox from alcohol because depending on the severity and frequency of his drinking, stopping drinking can cause seizures, so keep an eye out for that. Also detoxing from anything is not fun at all. I have been there, and even though I hate to say it I was heavily into drinking and using drugs, and honestly getting off of everything is why I am still alive today. People tend to think alcohol is no big deal and it is legal, but many many people lose everything they own and love due to alcohol, not just drugs. I am happy you dont have the children around him during this time if I read that correctly. No child deserves to be a witness to anyones drunkenness, and all to often when people have been drinking things happen and things also get said that they can never take back, and children are usually the ones who are effected the most.

I wish him and you the best. It will be a rough few weeks, he probably wont be feeling well depending on how much he drinks on a daily basis, but it will take quite a while for him to get used to life without drinking, usually if he gets to 90 days it is great, but many people end up drinking a few times before they end up staying sober. I would also recommend AA or NA meetings. People do not like to go to them, and think they dont belong there, but honestly if he starts going after a few meetings he will see how helpful they are. No one judges you at meetings and you can get supportive people in your life there who will help you stay away from drinking or drugging.

If you need any other information feel free to PM me and I will be happy to share more information. I am wishing you the best. Stay patient with him the best you can. it will help trust me. PM me with any questions you have, id be happy to help with information or support.

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