Last month I had to receive my friend at Mission Viejo airport. As I was waiting for the flight to land, I heard a woman yelling at her kid who was continuously running around, fiddling with everything in his reach. The child completely ignored her and keeps at it. Then suddenly, I was distracted by an announcement regarding the flight I was waiting for, which said that it was delayed by an hour due to bad weather. Now when I turned around again, they were about to check-in and were soon out of my sight.

Anyways, with an hour to while I gazed around in search for something amusing. This time again, coincidently, my eyes rested upon another such pair, a lady and a naughty child, who too was running around driving his mum crazy. But unlike, the previous one this mother did not yell but calmly asked her son to stop a couple of times and to my surprise the kid on his own quietly seated beside his mother.

This incident got me thinking and I realized that one must teach their kids to be independent, and only then would they learn to make the right decisions and be self-dependent.

you rock

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