Midwife came and did the second dose of antibiotics. I dilated 1cm from 10pm to 6am.... (I was resting and barely feeling contractions, so in reality, progress was pretty good.) I'm feeling them a little more, midwife went to take her son to school and said she'd stay near by and to call as soon as they get more intense. After 7cm - she will be staying with me until I have the baby.

She normally doesn't do a lot of checks, but with a breech, and my inability to tell how my cervix is progressing due to barely being able to efel the contractions and having a hard time timing them them due to just a constant ache in my lower back.... she's checking me more often. (Which i'm fine with since I don't want to all of a sudden realize "oh crap I have to push" with a breech and not have her here. LOL)

Were doing pretty good, our labor support people have jobs and other things, and since my labor is taking so long, most of them had to take off... if I have her tonight, most of them could probably come back after work, but for now... even Jake had to go run some errands for work this morning.

I told him I thought we had time, so go get it over with and i'll call him when they get more intense.

For right now, i'm just slowly making progress and I am barely feeling the contractions now.... I got used to the sensations and Its taking no effort to cope with them....

I'm relaxed, happy, i'm not scared, so the contractions are just what they are, a tightening in my back and belly and nothing to fight or worry about.

So I am roughly about a 6cm dilation right now and just waiting to dilate enough to hit transition. :)

I suspect we will be having our new arrival sometime by this afternoon or maybe tomorrow morning at the latest.

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Nov. 22, 2010 at 11:25 AM

Congratulations on the soon to be bundle of joy...

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Nov. 22, 2010 at 11:27 AM

So exciting!  Congrats on the baby girl that will soon be here.

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Nov. 23, 2010 at 12:07 PM

Congratulations.  I check your journals every couple days to hear the news.  Happy Labor and Delivery.

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