Is Your Child a Criminal ?  Sounds like a crazy question, right ? 

That's what I would have said until I heard the story of a 6 yr old little boy with 34 hot checks and warrants for his arrest in several states!

How is this possible, you ask? 6 yr old kids don't write checks, can't skip from state to state and elude authorities.

Welcome to the world's fastest growing white collar crime, IDENITY THEFT ! This childs social security number was stolen and accounts were set up in his name.

How did his parents find out about this? Lucky for them they signed their family up for a PrePaid Legal membership, which included the identity theft shield ... so once their account was activated, this information came to light. If not for their PrePaid Legal membership, they would not have found this out this child's identity had been stolen for at least 12 more years when he turned 18 and attempted to establish credit!  

The shocking fact is that ID Theft isn't just about bank accounts and credit cards anymore. Here's what I'm talking about .....

  • A young mother is in a car accident and taken to the hospital. She is in critical condition and unconscious. Using the information on her Driver's License, they see that she has a medical record from this hospital. With the information in the medical file, they are able to quickly find her blood type and give her a transfusion rather that waste precious time to "type" her.  The woman ends up dying because she got the WRONG BLOOD!  How did this happen? Someone without medical insurance had stolen her identity and used her insurance for an operation at this same hospital, but they had a different blood type.


  • A man is pulled over for a routine traffic stop .. within minutes, he is surrounded by several police cars and all of the officers have their guns drawn. Other than having a tail light out, what did this guy do wrong? NOTHING .. but the person that stole his identity was wanted for killing 3 cops ! Fortunately the cops did not shoot first and ask questions later, or this man would have been dead!


  • A woman is contacted by the IRS that she owes over a million dollars in back taxes. She argues that she has always filed a tax return and paid her taxes. Throughout the investigation, it is learned that 200 illegal immigrants have been working in the US, using her social security number. So far 34 of those individuals have been caught and reported that they purchased her information at a flea market! This problem didn't go away over night .. and as you know, the IRS does't just say "my bad" and go away!

There are thousands of stories out there just like this .. and ID theft has reached epidemic proportions!  Identity theft hits 30,400 people per DAY! And over the last 5 years, 47.5 million people have reported being victims of ID Theft .. these are just reported numbers. Think of all the people out there who dealt with it on their own without filing a report !

The United States Secret Service reports that Identity Theft revenue has surpassed that of the Worldwide Drug Trade !

The 19 terrorists who flew the plane on 9/11 had 368 separate identities or about 20 separate identities EACH!

Your most valuable possession is not your car, your house, or your antique jewelry collection! Your most valuable asset is what makes you - YOUR IDENITITY! 

Do you know where your information is? School records, medical records, employment records, IRS records, Credit Card companies, banks, drivers license bureaus ... EVERYONE has your SS # !

Protect your family now with a PrePaid Legal membership, it's less than $40 a month! 

A PrePaid Legal membership can not prevent you from becoming a victim of ID Theft, any more than medical insurance can prevent you from getting sick, but the membership will give you resources you need to catch these thieves, minimize the damage and will help restore your identity to it's original status.

This is just one of MANY THINGS that your PrePaid Legal membership can do for you!

The PrePaid Legal membership covers you, your spouse and any unmarried kids through age 21 living at home.

Shoot me a message with your email address and phone number and I'll call you back. Start protecting your family TODAY !

Mary Jacobs - PROUD to be an Independent PrePaid Legal Associate and help families EVERY DAY!




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