So in April 2010 I gave birth to a perfect, handsome baby boy!  He is the best baby in the world (of course I am his mom so I might be considered bias).   Anyway,  from 30 weeks on I was in and out of the hospital.  Doctors never really could pin point what I had; did I have preeclmpsia, did I have Fatty Liver, did I have HELLP syndrome or none of the above. Because of thisI had to leave work and stay home, go at LEAST two times a week for NSTs (which all lasted 30 minutes to a hour), I got the steroid shot to develop his lungs, and at 39 weeks I was induced.  I went in at 8 am on a Monday morning, and ended up having a C-Section and my little guy came into the world Tuesday night at 8:14pm.

Right after I got a fever, and my blood pressure spiked.  I couldn't hold my baby until 2am!  It was the longest 6 hours of my life. After 9 months of waiting, and over 24 hours of labor I still had to wait.  I didn't get to feed him his first bottle, watch him get bathed, or even snuggle him.  It was horrible!  For days I couldn't get out of bed and had to be on medication, so I couldn't even change his diaper or take him for a walk until Thursday afternoon!  (Please note I had been hooked up to IV's since Monday morning, and hadn't gotten out of bed since 10 am on Tuesday!)

So now that my baby is 7 months old, my husband and I get the constant presssure of when we are going to have another one.  We say NEVER!  I love my son and wouldn't trade him for the world, and because of that I can't risk another pregnancy.  As it stands (because they don't know what was wrong with me and I they kept watching for me to go into Kidney and/or Liver failure) I would already be considered HIGH RISK!  How can I do that when I would have a toddler at home.  My doctor has already told me that if I got pregant again, I would go on bed rest from almost the beginning, with regular NSTs and lots and LOTS of lab work-ups! 

I get crap from people all the time because I got an IUD that lasts 10 years (I'm 27 so it lasts until I'm 37!). I want to know why people feel the need to push?  If my husband and I don't want anymore, why does it matter to them?  Would they put their life at risk with a child already at home?  I think that would be a very selfish thing to do.  My baby is my world now, and it's my job to make his life a happy one.  How happy would he be when his mom was in the hospital, not able to play with him, or god forbid really sick and going into Kidney/Liver failure.  I wish sometimes people would take the time to look at the bigger picture.  I would LOVE to have a big family, but I now have to think of someone before myself.  My family/friends know everything that happened, and it just bothers me that they put that kind of pressure on me. I wish they would ask themselves..."would I do that?"

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Nov. 22, 2010 at 3:08 PM

people on a whole are igits. everyone has the answer and know's what's right for and your family. most people don't understand that thier 2 cents is usually worth that much. a nice why to answer those kind is. "well my son is only 7 months, i think he needs more time being the "baby". and if you want to get mean just tell em. "sure i'll have more if you are gonna carry it for me" i have a VERY opinionated family (my in-laws) and my MIL just know's everything. i got to the point to where i told her that these were my kids, if i wanted her opinion i'll ask her. other wise shut the f$%k up." sometimes you got to get ugly

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