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Question: How can we make the transition smooth?


Meet everyone?

Just move its our lives anyway!

Take just our mothers to eat to talk to them?

He spend 2 weeks here then like a week there.

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I forgot to add a picture in my last post but anyway.Things are going really great with us...almost too great I suppose that's why we have to figure out how to be together and not hurt anyone.Hes the story, he just got out of the Navy a few months back so he moved back in to help his mom.He is the 2nd of 5 children.He also has a son that doesn't live to far from him, however I live far from him.Not crazy far just like thirty mins to an hour away.However neither of us have a car right now which isn't too much of a problem since I live in a town and my mom comes over at least once a week.The real problem came this morning when I thought Wait a minute we are happy about you moving here in two weeks but what about them.I mean I know how mothers are about their sons especially since they are friends as well. And I could only imagine how the mother of his son would feel.I just don't want his family to see me as a villain like I took him away from them type situation.I mean we are aware that for other people we are moving too fast but he is a Cancer and I am a Taurus so its perfectly normal for us.He is and will continue to be a great partner and I see us doing great things together we just need to figure out how to get through this rough patch.He thinks I should meet everyone,but I don't see it making a difference.So i meet everyone on Sunday and then the Sunday after you're moving in?I dunno but i need to take a nap while Kandyce is sleeping because he and I video chat and talk on the phone from midnight to like eight or nine in the morning =)

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