Hi Everyone.....

There are many people coming in looking for gifts for their childrens so I thought I would throw this blog together as a reference point.

The basic is to check my blog where there are some things listed just

A Top Ten Christmas at Margie's Place! A Top Ten Christmas at Margie's Place!

Here are my thoughts on gettting presents for Christmas if you have no money.... or low on funds.

In my blog is Marine Toy for Tots , United Way and check with Red Cross. Call your local chamber of commerce for any programs going on. Maybe try the local fire department or sherriff's station for any program they know about call their regular number!!! Call 211, catholic charities, YMCA amd other children clubs for any information about upcoming programs for Christmas. Oh, check with the school they attend as I remember finding out about programs not gifts for us to attend. And if you have the gas money looking at Christmas lights in the neigborhood is free plus check local food pantries too.


If your are looking for a tree to put gifts under see if the local tree places at Christmas eve when I grew up my parents weren't rich and would get it late Christmas eve might get one cheap or if they will have any free ones  in advance. Times have changed so whoknows how it is now.

There are some others here that have great information and I welcome their input when they sign in.

I guess that is all I have for now as I have only a cat to worry about and treats are his gift..

When you see Santa tell him I have some wishes too for my friends to help them out food, etc and me love to have better computer where it the mouse won't freeze on me making it hard to reply. My computer is just not up to date anymore....

One of the best Christmas I remember is when my relatives got together and we ate and had each other. Plus got my uncle out of the desert to LA which was a miracle in itself....

To everyone have a Wonderful Holiday Season however you celebrate it.


Join local below for free gift things for holidays



You can make three wishes at WUAH for cards or gift cards for clothes.

Google local charities and how to make your own playdough it is on the net...and bake cookies or baking anything with your kids. Make things, crafts with your children and make clothes for their dolls like my mom use to do and make doll furniture from cardboard. String popocorn and cranberries for the tree.

And google.com Christmas Crafts, cheap Christmas crafts and cheap recipes.

Have each child make something for the other and wrap in paper bags after they color or paint it. We did... Have Fun!!

Happy Holidays and remember it is the family together not the gifts that matter.


A Top Ten Christmas at Margie's Place! A Top Ten Christmas at Margie's Place!

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Nov. 22, 2010 at 11:14 PM

Many Auctions sell toys cheap too.  I have seen that in many areas.  even on line.

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