Go here to find out more about this cool program :

Provide some warm pajamas and a friendly book to read for some children who need some coziness and comfort in their lives.



For cloth diapers go here :





Try Craigslist , a great source for all kinds of needs , wants , dreams and desires . Hint: find a listing in your area , then click on "free" listed under "For Sale"



Also try    http://www.freecycle.org/ , an organization that I am personally familiar with . Freecycle people share more than clothes . Yes they do share clothing , but in my group , also formula , baby food , food in general , furniture, books , dishes , cameras , computer accessories , and so so much more ! Check it out !


This is a wonderful family that provides clothing items for young people in Michigan. If you are blessed to live near them , you will want to contact them . More information :


We are a Christian based locally family owned clothing stores that is proud to be a part of the Michiana community. We are located in Sturgis Michigan in the kroger Plaza. We would love to be part of the aid community as well. We offer discount clothing geared towards the youth. We offer a program that pays you cash or store credit for your quality used clothing. This is a great way to trade in your clothing for new ones or get cash for other needs you may have! We also pride ourselves in helping our community by donations and whatever we can do to help someone in need. Please feel free to contact us @ imagewearhome@yahoo.com. Please let us know if we can help your teen or young people.

Image Wear

The Cowan Family


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