Hi there. My name is Christina, but alot of people know me by Eliese. Im 22, will be 23 this December. Im married to my high school sweetheart, Dan, since November 15, 2008. We had our first daughter, Mylie, on October 10, 2007. She was born by emergency c-section, due to being transverse and meconium in my fluid. 

Alot has happened over this past year (2010), a lot of positive i would have to say. 2009, seriously sucked for us! We lived with my DH's family, he had no job, we had 3 miscarriages...the list just goes on. Then when January of 2010 hit, my husband landed a awesome job (that he still has this day), we moved into our own home, and finally got pregnant! We are thrilled with the way God has blessed us this year. I will also have to say, at the end of 2009 i gave my entire self over to Christ, in hopes that things would fall into place...and they did! Better than i could have imagined. 

Were expecting our second baby girl in January 2011. But this pregnancy had come with some complications. I have been having pre-term labor for the past 3 weeks, with 3 L&D visit, and 5 shots of Terb. Finally after the last shot and last L&D visit, my doc. sent me home with a medication i can take at home for the contractions. So far, so good. They want me to get to at least 34 weeks, before they allow my labor to progress. That way they know that little baby's lungs are functioning well. If i dont (6 contractions in a hour, or another L&D visit), they will issue me some kind of steroid to help progress the babies lungs just a little faster. Im praying to make it to at least 36 weeks, i know the Lord will be with us, and only He knows when this baby will truly be here.

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