That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye,

The life of any plant or tree is the root system they have. If their roots are shallow or not well developed, they are at risk of being blown away or dried up. But the deeper the root system, the strong the plant/tree. It is amazing to see how some trees can withstand insurmountable hurricane force winds just because they have a strong root system.

In the same way, the Spirit of the living God wants to root our heart in the very depths of His love. The more that we become convinced of God's love (Romans 8:37), the more we will know that nothing can ever separate us from His love. The more we become convinced, the deeper the root system goes.

Storms won't be able to move us, trials won't be able to cause us to question His love, nothing in all the world will be able to rock this revelation of love that is rooted deep into the heart of our Father.  May today be a day where this revelation of love goes even deeper than yesterday for our Papa's mercies are new every morning.

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