Last evening, I came into the house like I always do and at the same time. It was about 5:40. Except one thing. I forgot to close down the garage door.

   It was still a bit light so it was highly visible that our door was opened. At night, our garage would have been exposed because we have a light above the outside of the door that comes on when it senses movement of any kind. It could be the cats that come by or the extremely high wind could have triggered something to fly by the light. Either way, the light may have been on throughout the night showing that our house was exposed.

  I was awakened this morning quite early. I couldn't go back to sleep. The Holy Spirit has His way of letting me know that it is TIME to get up. I would then post the scripture for the day in several places online and to others by way of e-mail.

  I had also remembered that I left my cell phone in the car as well. I knew that I needed to charge it for the next few days. Also, it is not a good thing to leave it out in  a cold place.

  When I opened the door that leads out to my garage from my kitchen, the garage door was up. Nothing was amiss  in the garage, Everything was still where it was last evening. Intack!

   We went through an evening not knowing about us being exposed! I was on the computer for a while. Spencer was on a game interacting with his new friends. We ate and watched several episodes of Bill Cosby. I decided to go to bed early. I get so sleepy so early due to me getting up so early each morning. Spencer was still up. All of this and not knowing about the situation.

  We slept in PERFECT PEACE. Danger could have been lurking all around. If it was, we didn't know anything about it! We went to bed and slept knowing that God was with us.

  I wasn't alarmed when I discovered  what had happened. I was so grateful and so thankful to God for His protection during the entire night.

  Too, I am so thankful to God that even through my mistake in not closing the door down, He was still on guard. He, being faithful, kept us safe.

  A light was on in one of our rooms. The light was on all night. We needed more light bulbs. So, on Sunday, I purchased some. They were pretty cheap so I just picked them up. When I looked at this bulb before I turned it off, it had turned black all around the top of it. I had never seen a light bulb turn black like this. I am thinking that this bulb could have resulted in a fire.

  I am so overwhelmed this morning that God protected us through the night. He wanted us to rise again yet another day to be thankful and grateful. Another day to do His will. He has more for us to do this day. I am not worried about tomorrow, but I do know that He has a plan for us today. It was already ordained for us from the foundation of the world. He knew what I would be doing even at this very moment in telling you about His GOODNESS. 

  If we didn't wake up this morning safe in our home, we know that we would have been safe in His arms. For us as believers in Jesus, we know that to be absent in the body is to be present with the Lord.

  Today you are here for a reason. Be thankful in the  work that He has planned especially for you! And only you can fulfill this work. Know that ALL is well. You are already safe in His arms! God bless!

  Perhaps, if you have not believed in the gospel of our Lord Jesus, today is your day! He, too, left you here for another day. It is by His grace and mercy that you see another day!

  For when you pass this life, you, too, will lift up your eyes and see Jesus!


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Nov. 23, 2010 at 6:29 AM

Isn't it amazing how these thigns work sometimes.

Once my husband left his IPod (he won it at work) and some other valuables out in his car and my inlaws live in a pertty safe neighborhood where you just don't worry about locking up the car (heck they never locked the house!). One time we staid and I could not get it out that the car wasn't locked, was it and so finally got my husband to go check and lock it. The next morning there wre FOOTPRINTS all the way up the hood and over the roof. I don't know if someone would have broken in, but wow, I wasjust glad oru stuff wasn't stolen.

Heavenly Father is TRULY amazing.

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Nov. 23, 2010 at 7:09 AM

I am just overwhelmed! Yes! He  is truly amazing~ I am thinking about what you said about the footprints They may have seen an angel.They couldn't help but just back off! LOL God bless! Continue to glorify the Lord~

God is an awesome God!

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