I am learning to trust nobody but myself in this pregnancy.  It's difficult to have things going on that I know in my heart aren't "normal" or textbook... and be ignored about it.  I supposed it'd be too much inconvenience for them to put those medical degrees to good work.  So much for paying more to see a "high risk" specialist.  I might as well go down to my local gas station and get me advice from the lady I see every day.  At least I know she doesn't have a penis and can share experience with me.  Degree or no.

I'm going in for my routine blood draw for my thyroid.  I had to call and TELL my doctors that I need the labs and dip redone to check for me pre-E.  I'm not going to sit around and let Eli suffer through this anymore.  They WILL be concerned.

My blood pressure has run 100-110/50-60.  That's GREAT... but my legs are so swollen beneath my knees, that it hurts to move them, yet, when I touch the skin, it's 100% numb... and they stay this way.  No cold compress, putting them above my heart (even over night) or extra fluid intake makes a dent (no pun intended).  I have these headaches (not the same as my weekly migraines before pregnancy), enough of an annoyance that it's difficult to focus.  My eyes, being poor to begin with, refuse to focus on anything too long without me having to pull out the rapid blink.  My head feels like it's filled with helium.  I was playing Solitaire of all things, last night, and about fell out of my chair I got so light headed.  This morning, I wake up to shooting pains in my lower left back... felt like someone stabbed a sharp stick through me into my abdomen.  THEN, I'm having chest pains..... usually showing up with my contractions.

I DARE them to tell me everything is "fine" or "normal" today... Eli's active, but his movements seem jerky, like he's had it with all of this nonsense.  I swear, if anything happens to him, their asses WILL be mine!

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Nov. 28, 2010 at 1:39 AM

I hope everything is ok!

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