I have thought about writing this second part for the past couple of weeks.  They have been wonderful.  My son and I have spent hours together talking about everything...I have enjoyed the time I spent with him so much!  We have laughed together;cried together;talked so much and shared so much.  I kept telling my older daughter how good he was doing; his Dr.s said that he was doing fine...my daughter kept warning me "Mom this is wonderful but remember what you told me when Linda was dying; they have one last burst where it seems like every thing is going to be okay...and then they go fast."

I kept telling her; that no; that wasn't the case this time; that Travis was really getting better!  Well last night I went to bed; after I changed his bandage; and saw that he was okay.  My roommate came into my room at 3:30 this A.M. and told me that there was a big puddle of blood on the living room floor in front of the couch!  Where is Travis I asked him?  He told me that he had gone to bed for a while and went out to the living room and that is what he found.  So I pulled on my robe;went into the living room expecting a small puddle; and almost passed out when I saw that it was a HUGE big puddle of blood. It was about 1/2 the size of my coffee table; a regular couch sized coffee table!  I immediately went upstairs to his room where I found him still conscious; smoking a cigarette; acting very calm.  He told me that he threw the blood up; and said yes it scared him.  I told him I was taking him to the hospital-I told him I would drive him about 70 miles north of here to a better hospital. He said no; he didn't want to go to the hospital; he's sick and tired of Dr.s;nurses; and hospitals!  I told him that if he threw up like that again I didn't know if I could get him to the car to take him-and that I didn't know if an ambulance could be here fast enough to save him. So I finally got him to go to the hospital; and when we went out to the car-it was snowing!  So I couldn't take him to Eugene; because that involves some mountain passes; and I don't have chains or snow tires.  When we got to our own hospital-they took him back immediately-and I couldn't believe how quickly everything was done!  Lab work; x-rays; Dr. and in 20 minutes they told me that they had to send him to Eugene.  They told me his condition is critical;and they are not equipped to take care of him.  So he sent me home; where I am sitting and typing this.

Please pray for him!  It's in God's hands now; whether he lives or dies.  I have known that for months.  The question is going to be: Does God feel that he deserves another miracle?  The first one being that his kidneys came back and he got off dialysis in 3 months!  His Dr. today was amazed; and he told Travis that his recovery so far has been nothing short of miraculous!  So that is what this was all about;I just would like to ask for prayers for his life or for God to take him Home without further suffering.

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