holding cloth bagHello everyone I've been struggling to lose weight; my baby is five months tomorrow and I haven't lost a pound since he was born.  Actually I lost 20 pounds right off the bat but I have 25 pounds to lose.  My husband, my son and I are going on a cruise this February with another couple and their two children.  I've always been very slim and I've never had to diet before; I find it very frustrating and depressing at times when I look in the mirror.  My goal is to reach 125 lbs no later than the beginning of February.  Here is my journey.


I'm 8 months pregnantMy son is 3 weeks old

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Nov. 24, 2010 at 3:13 PM

You look great to me! Congratulations on your new BABY! Maybe you could count calories and write down everything you eat....staying under 1500 a day should work. Good Luck!!

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