How many of you are afraid to use your car insurance - even when you should - because you don't want your insurance premiums to go up?

Medical insurance is handy when you're sick, but who wants to be sick?

Life insurance ... well, enough said! You have to DIE for that to pay out!

With a PrePaid Legal membership we WANT you to use it, challenge you to use it, and you dont' have to worry about your "premium" going up when you do use it!

PrePaid Legal is not just for if you need to go to court. You can use PrePaid Legal anytime for things as simple as a quick question or document review.

Listed below are just 50 ways to use your PrePaid Legal membership .. there are many more ways to use your membership!

  1. Create, update, revise a will - if you have kids or property, you should have a will in place to ensure your wishes are carried out.
  2. The IRS selects you for an audit.
  3. You're tired of paying "hidden" charges on things like cell phone bills.
  4. You don't understand your health care plan.
  5. Family member challenges a will.
  6. You receive a speeding ticket.
  7. Your landlord refuses to handle a maintenace issue in a timely manner.
  8. Your new appliance isn't working right.
  9. Creditors are hassling you for an ex spouse's debt.
  10. You want to change your name.
  11. You want to adopt a child.
  12. You don't understand the difference between a trust and a will.
  13. Your teenager is accused of shoplifting.
  14. A neighbor or school reports you to CPS.
  15. A friend or neighbor is injured on your property.
  16. You have a child support issue.
  17. Your car is damaged by a hit and run driver.
  18. You are called to jury duty.
  19. You have custody issues.
  20. You need a document reviewed before you sign it.
  21. Someone owes you money and files bankruptcy.
  22. You are subpoenaed or served with legal papers.
  23. Your child is injured in a ball game.
  24. A merchant sells you defective product.
  25. You need help with credit card liability resolution.
  26. Your identity is stolen.
  27. Your landlord enters your apartment without your permission or notifying you in advance of a need to do so.
  28. Your child breaks a neighbors window.
  29. A merchange refuses to honor a warranty.
  30. You have an accident driving your friends car or boat.
  31. You are denied credit for no apparent rason.
  32. A record or book club continues to send you and bill you for merchandise after you cancel your membership.
  33. You are fired.
  34. The auto repair shop threatens small claims court for money you don't owe.
  35. Angry words result in a slander suit.
  36. You need a patent or copyright.
  37. YOu need help negotiating a severance package. 
  38. A creditor tries illegal collection tactics. 
  39. You care for elderly parents. 
  40. Your right to privacy has been invaded. 
  41. A wind storm blows a neighbor's tree on your property casing damage.
  42. An accident results in a personal injury. 
  43. You take a vacation and your "room with a view" is a view of the dumpster & alley. 
  44. You have liability questions in launching a new business. 
  45. YOu need a prenup agreement. 
  46. A repair person won't stand behind their work. 
  47. You are leasing property. 
  48. You receive a collection letter that is not your debt. 
  49. You're buying or selling a car. 
  50. An employer refuses to pay you your final compendation.

Your PrePaid Legal membership can help you with all these issues and so much more. Much too much to list ! Once you sign up, your provider law firm can help you with any legal needs/questions you may have.  

How about the guy that called his provider law firm over an $11 dollar charge that a creditor would not remove. Once the Provider Law Firm contacted the creditor the charge was removed.

WHY would someone contact an attorney over $11 ??? Because they CAN with a PrePaid Legal Membership. Don't be a victim anymore ... get your PrePaid Legal Membership today! 

If you don't know what your rights are, then you don't have any. 

A membership is less than $40 a month and covers you, your spouse and any unmarried kids through age 21 living at home. And your membership includes a will and living will ... that's a $500-$1,200 value!

Mary Jacobs - Independent PrePaid Legal Associate. 

I would also suggest you check out my Journal Post "Is your child a Criminal" which talks about Identity Theft  - one of the fastest growing white collar crimes in the world.

Did you know that over 30,000 people are hit by identity theft, every single day! and that the revenue from ID Theft has surpassed that of the worldwide drug trade ?????



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