SO, I've been waiting and anticipating going to see GYN after the surgery. First off, she said my incisions are healing very nicely and that they are looking great. So that's a good thing..Now here comes the best part that really made my day! Well, before the surgery she had told me that after the surgery was done and over with, that if I hadn't started my period that she would give me Provera to enduce it, and then she would FINALLY give me CLOMID! YAyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!  SO, Jason and I are VERY excited about starting that! :) She said that she strongly thinks that we shouldn't have a problem because I've already proven that I CAN get pregnant naturally without fertility meds in the past (even though I m/c) And now that my body looks all good to conceive, and I should be able to ovulate, plus with the extra boost from Clomid, it should happen for us, and soon. So we are praying and hoping that it works! I'm going to go fill my prescriptions tomorrow, start the Provera and then around CD 3 or 5 start the Clomid! Well, I need to get a start on dinner, I just wanted to write an entry about a good day today, and praying that it all works out :)

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