My daughter passed away in 2004. She had many medical problems we never knew about to after she was born. She passed away after 9 short days of being in the hospital. this cause is for her and all other babies and families like her.. please take the time and look, read and join, if nothing else please pass it on to everyone you know to make awarness to this cause, and if any donations are made they go to Childrens Hospital in Boston where she was at so they are able to do more research and come up with more treatments. When you think theres nothing worse then losing a child, how about losing a child and never being able to know why or what happend? Is it genetic? Could it happen again? Who knows... Having the Drs. tell you your baby was a medical mistery was the worst thing I ever heard after losing her and its time to stand up and put an end to this. We need more research and more treatments. We need to put a stop to these types of tragidies and it needs to start somewhere and it needs to start now... Please join and help in any way you can.

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