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i may be interested

not for me

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big smile miniOk Mommies,

Im just on here to discuss business to the Mommies who do not wanna leave the house to work and or shop. In my business you have the opportunity to make tons of money as soon as you want. Dont worry about picking up your check cause you have the option to either have it mailed to you, or direct deposit. But also with this business you can have as many people under you as you want to so theres no limit to the amount you can make for your baby.

But if you want you can just be a customer, we sell everything and everything for every kid out there. So start your christmas shopping now!!! We have over 750 products, and over 10,000 other products in our partner stores. Dont that sound good mommies? You can be ages 18-up to be in this business and ages 16 up to be customers. So if you have any questions at all all you have to do is either inbox me, or text 785.418.9763 or call it, email at jandmenterprises777@yahoo.com, HisGirl42069@yahoo.com, or you can go on www.amway.com/jonathonprice, but you have to call if you want anything cause you cant buy anything or sell anything unless we sign you up. So just let me know. ttyl

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