Better things to come

We've got the Christmas spirit, yes we do, we've got the Christmas spirit, how 'bout you???

If you are a group owner or admin, listen up! The Fans of Glee admins are throwing down the gauntlet! We think that our group members are the most generous and full of spirit on cafemom and we dare you to prove us wrong! In our group we have set up a forum for our members to come and tell us about the good they are doing this season.

Did you volunteer in your child's classroom? Did you round up your change at the store to the nearest dollar to help out your local food bank? Did you drop your spare change in the Salvation Army tin? Did you adopt a family from the Angel Tree? Donate your old coats to a coat drive for the homeless?

Every little bit counts, and we think that we can do better than you can! Try to prove us wrong! Come back to this journal periodicly and let us know what your groups are doing to make the world a better place. The challenge is on!

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