Question: What is your plan for Black Friday?


Hitting up the stores

Shopping online

No shopping for me

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For most, "Black Friday" automatically means unbelievable savings on all the stuff you've been wanting. However, it also means being out in the cold, waiting in long lines, fighting through crowds and most importantly finding that they're sold out on the items you wanted or the deal was only for the first 10! At the end of your day you feel tired, hungry, and broke from buying all those things you didn't need but you felt you had to get something because it was "Black Friday". Realistically, how much are you really saving?
Here are some things to consider. . .
Black Friday Tip #1 - Plan Ahead!
The last thing you want to do is impulse buy on Black Friday, so put some thought into what you want to get. Try making a list that you can refer to in case you forget. You'll find that this tip alone will save you mega bucks!
Black Friday Tip #2 - Weigh The Worth!
Do your research to find out how much you're really saving. Many times if it's just $50 of savings, it's really not worth all the stress that comes along with Black Friday.
Black Friday Tip #3 - Shop Online!

Many times, you can find just as good of a deal online for Black Friday. Search for online specials, coupon codes, and free shipping to get extra savings. Some stores even start their deals early so you can get started sooner. So, get your turkey leftovers and relax while you save time, money, and a headache.

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