I'm just so worn out.... I swear I have been in a rut for like the last 2 years and I'm so depressed! S/O  was talking to me about it earlier, and I've pretty much turned lazier and lazier the more weight I've put on and now I'm basically just a fat lazy slob! and I don't know where to start or how to change it anymore :( I'm not even the same person I USED to be. Then again.. that's not necessarily a bad thing, I don't smoke drugsd and i don't drink and I'm a mom.. I also don't clean like I used to or anything... I don't know what to do ??!! I feel unnatractive as it is....now I feel worse than just that, it's basically been pointed out that I do nothing anymore and i just realized its 100% true. UGH Once I have Autumn I need a total life overhaul

What makes me feel worse is he knows I've been feeling crappy to begin with lately and to find out he was talking to my friend about my weight issues and my motivation problems, saying that "stairs are my enemy" now...and i dunno made me realize yes, it's true..but it doesnt feel nice...

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Nov. 23, 2010 at 8:52 PM

me to i know the feeling about being worn out, im not happy, im not and i really dont try to convince anybody that i am either. i dont know what to do to change it and i dont know if there is any fixing to it. 

i am also unhappy about my weight and i am depressed with my dh. i went from somebody that put me down all the time (my sons dad) and i didnt want to leave him but felt i had no choice to because after 6 years he still didnt change, i found out i was pregnant with DS and i told myself he had a year, if there was still no change i wasnt going to stay any longer...and i didnt...my son and i deserved better...and i couldnt live with myself knowing that i couldnt take care of myself let alone my son the way i wanted to. then i met DH he has a DD whose mom isnt involved. so i have been taking on the responsibilty of being DD'S mom and i dont really care i would rather her be with me then be with her BM. but the fact of the matter is because of DD'S BM she has issues and she is behind and now we have certain things that we have to do with her in order for her to catch up(sorta speak) and he acts like he doesnt care most of the time. he says he does, but he gives me signals that make me believe that he doesnt care...i like you just wrote a journal because of DH'S  and I's issues.

I dont know what to do, i am also pregnant, and i have already been told that she is comming early and it scares me to death. i will be fine while im here at home but when i go back to work and leave DH the baby im going to be a nervous wreck, i have talked to him about it or i have given him senarious and he would give me a "what he would do" and i get soo discouraged.i asked him if he knew how to take care of a baby when she cries or is up and awake he told me was " what i will probebly do is either lay the baby in the pack n play so she can sleep and feed her when she starts crying and then change her diaper and then put her back in the pack n play"...my jaw dropped...and i got teary eyed...i couldnt believe my ears...i asked him what about playing with her and he didnt answer me but he told his friend threw i.m that he didnt see what was the big deal, it was a baby...(i saw the chat because i was getting laundry and he was in the bathroom and im not going to lie i read it)....

we havent even been married a year and i struggle with him everyday( we have been together for almost 3 years), our fighting has become so bad that i told him to leave and go back to his moms this morning. i dont want him here, what is he here for. i dont understand how he wanted the family and the wife ect but he doesnt want to play the role.

because i have been depressed i have only gained 4lbs threw this whole pregnancy because id rather cry then eat, i eat like a bird and it does make me worried that im hurting the baby, but how do i dig myself out of this lil depression hole when its here staring me in the face everyday.

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Nov. 24, 2010 at 1:24 PM

I really hope you feel better there. If you need someone to talk to write me. Big Hugs to you...

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Nov. 26, 2010 at 12:47 PM

I feel the same way...I have just gotten lazier as I get heavier and not to mention when I do do active things, I just compain about everything hurting. I have put my perspective in DH's point of view to see how frustrating it would be to live with a person that just let themself go with no action being done but a bunch of complaining. It's easy for others to talk but unless they have been in our position struggling with this, they will never know how hard it really is for us, both physically and emotionally.

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