Jaelyn is not a baby girl no more she is now a big girl and she is such a blessing and such a cutie pie.. I can not even believe how time has flown by being a mom for the past 10 months has been amazing and it has been filled with wonderful memories.. Jaelyn is such a great baby and I can not even believe how fast time is going by... She is learning so much so quick she might even walk before her first birthday which is in 2 months... It makes me sad because when ever I drop her off at daycare in the morning she will look at me and just put her head on my shoulder... And I would wave Bye Bye and she would just make the cutest little puppy face and I will tell her that Mommy be back soon and she would start to cry... I hate leaving her but I need to get the money... My husband is the best father to Jaelyn it is so cute to see them together.. Every day when I look at Jaelyn I say to my self that I want to have more kids like Jaelyn and that I am truly blessed to have a Healhy and Beautiful smart little girl.. When Jaelyn was born I did not think that I would become the mom I am today.. I can not even imiange my life without Jaelyn or my husband... Jaelyn is starting to babble a lot now Momma, Dadda, baba it is so cute to hear her say those words.. People say to me do you wish that you did not have Jaelyn and I tell them are you people kidding me I would never regret having my baby...

I just hope time goes a little slower by the time her first birthday comes around but I do not think it is... I love you Jaelyn Nicole with all my heart...

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