Thank God, thank God, thank God. Found a ride for this morning to take my boy to the doctor. The dermatologist took some skin samples. Found out that the diaper rash that he started out with, the one that developed into a mono rash, allowed another disease to penetrate my poor son's skin. Now he has some type of rash that looks, acts, and feels like eczema AND psoriasis. She gave me an antibiotic because some of the places he was scratching had broken open and dirt had caused infection in his pores. He also has to have an ointment put all over his body twice a day for 5 days only. She said that this medicine is so strong that after 5 days it becomes too dangerous to put on his skin anymore. And finally a medicine to help with the itching in the middle of the night, which had gotten so bad he couldn't even sleep at night. So that's one worry down.

The insurance guy came out this morning right after I get done with my son and getting everything together for the baby. My driver's licence FINALLY came in the mail so I could get her birth certificate and go up to get her social security card. So I was getting everything together to go and get that done when he came up, so I wound up not needing my ride for the rest of my day. Which is another thank God, not that I don't like the woman, I just felt bad having to bum a ride when my car was perfectly alright with the exception of the fact the appraisor had to look it over. He looked the car over, took pictures, and told us that besides the body work he was also going to have alignments, engine repair, and dash repair on there as well. He said to be expecting a check by next week for the cost of the repairs. So that's another worry down the drain. Thank you God for your mercy!

Called around and found out that Toys for Tots was still accepting applications for emergency help. I have to be there tomorrow to be able to do it because they are going to be there for a few hours tonight and tomorrow morning, but I can drop my husband off at Loaves and Fishes for our food and go to Toys for Tots for the kids, then we can meet up later. I know I'll have to be there because my food stamp worker said that we are so far below the poverty line that they will let us have food until the benefits come in. Two more worries gone.

Got the baby's social security card registered so as of 12:00 tonight she'll have a number. Thank God for that, I got hit with a $75 fine for not having my daughter's number turned into the public housing office by the time she was 3 months old, which is how long they give new parents to get the birth certificate and social security number turned in. Found out though that I can't get the number until tomorrow, but the manager at my local office agreed to help me out so that I can get this number to the right people by meeting with me in the morning with the needed paperwork so I can hit the road running. Thank God, thank God, thank GOD!!!

Daddy gave in and helped me get Thanksgiving dinner for my family, The ex-wife wasn't going to let us have the kids for Thanksgiving, but when she found out it was after she did all her stuff she gave in. She goes to her father's house Thanksgiving morning, her grandmother's for the afternoon, from 3-8 there's nothing she has to do because at 8:30 she's going to her in-laws for Thanksgiving. Since the court papers are set up for us to have the kids during this time period she said that it would be okay for us to have them. She said that she might be late for Christmas dropoff but she'll let us have them for that time too. Since Thanksgiving is the one day where I cook EVERYTHING from scratch, having my dad's help was a big deal for me.

I cook the dressing from scratch, making the bread for it the night before so it can dry out. I slow roast the turkey over night and make my gravy from the drippings. I make mashed potatoes and potato salad from real potatoes instead of instant. I boil eggs for deviled eggs and egg salad. The only th

ing I conceed to making from a box is the mac and cheese, I can never get the cheese/noodle ratio right, no matter how I cook it, well, that and the veggies. I make chocolate pies and a cake (this year it's a chocolate cake, last year it was carrot) all from scratch. I get the recepies off the internet for the cakes, the pies are an old family recipie handed down through the generations. I am still in awe of God's grace in allowing my father to bend and help me get the food we need for this special day. I was even able to get a turkey. A big one too.

It seems like just at the point I feel like I'm in the lowest of the low and I have no other way to look, He always seems to open the window. I told Him this morning that I didn't care how He did it, but if He could open the window to help me support my family and give my kids a Thanksgiving meal and at least one gift to open on Christmas then I wouldn't turn to my father to help me anymore, I would rely solely on His grace to see us through the rough times. It wasn't until after I did this that things started working out for me. Well, Sophia is watching Aladdin so I'm going to get off here and watch it with her and finally relax. I just hope I don't fall asleep! Having all this stress off is like a sedative.  


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Nov. 23, 2010 at 9:01 PM

That's good that you had a good day! :-)

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Nov. 24, 2010 at 2:20 PM

I am so happy for you! Don't you love when everything starts falling into place? I pray all the agencies are able to help you give your children a great thanksgiving and Christmas.

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Nov. 24, 2010 at 9:46 PM


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