Baby :)


                      You are most definitely moving and stretching and kick and hit alot more then you did two weeks ago. You also like to lay in the most uncomfortableways. WHY????  i know your there promise. i love you alot but its really not fun when im trying to sleep and you stick a hand in my rib. just sayin :) I don't know why I'm even sayin all this because you know you do all this stuff to me. Only 6 and half my months and you will be out here and not able to stick you little hand in my ribs..... I'm so excited and cant wait. Two more months till i find out what you are going to be. (please be a boy :)...) but whatever as long as your healthy.

rolling on floor






                                                                love you alot

                                                                                love your mommy :)




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Nov. 24, 2010 at 2:48 PM


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