I am so ashamed to say I am from New Jersey. I cant stand these shows anymore. Its a  bunch of over Tan, beefed up, poof hair, looking people. I swear. If your got Itailtain in you, good for you be proud of that, but why..why do these people come from NY to NJ and make it look so bad..i grew up in NJ and Never and i mean NEVER did Jersey look like that when I was growing up. Hell I spent all my summers since i was 16 at the shore. But excuse me it was called Sea Side Heights before it was the Jersey Shore. Now I have seen 3 shows this year alone on people in Jersey (Jersey Housewives, Jersey Shore, and this new on callled Party City) and it is so out of hand!! I mean come one I know we see alot of shows from based on other states, but they dont look as half bad as the jersey shows..now i live in NC and people ask about my northen talk..i brush it off and say "oh i am from up north" and leave it at that. Its so sad, I should be proud of where I am from and where I grew up..but I cant..my kids were born in Jersey and are being raised here in the south. My son, he sounds like he was born here in the south. Thats because he we moved here when he was only 3 months old. My daughter, you can tell she has some Northen in here. Instead of "thing" she saids "thang"..her teachers even point it out..lol..


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Nov. 23, 2010 at 11:51 PM

lol dont hate new jersey hate the entertainment industry!!!! lol!! I live in NC to :-)

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