I hated that title, because I resent it,  because its more than eating and celebrating TURKEY and its not  what I plan on doing on the last Thursday of November. But I am giving Thanks to G*D for all he's done for me and how hes  blessed me with so many blessings. He's done so much  for me these past years! And I hope everyone else feels and thinks the same. And keeps Thankfulness in ThanksGiving! Its one of the greatest tradition we have in America. It was meant to be a prayerful and thankful time sicne it started with the Pilgrims and Qakers! A time of being  Happy and a  Time of Giving Thanks to who created everything possible, that  our Creator endowed us with;  so many Blessings! And I am very Thankful for all I  have and for  all the  persons in my life. I even Thank G*D for all you guys that keep me coming back to write!

May you all have a joyous time celebrating this season of Thankfulness! Enjoy the Turkey and  all the trimmings but do make sure you don't forget why we Give  Thanks to  the only one who really  matters because it was G*D  that  made all things  possible! G*D I am thankful for you! 

  Enjoy your day with your family, and have a safe trip if you have to travel to be with family,  keep safe and healthy;  and do  stay attuned to what really matters, all things under G*D. We all  owe HIM and no one else! G*D Blessed America! susan 

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