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  In my thoughts this morning are almost like any other day.  Filled with a bit of anxiety here lately knowing my time is nearing for the end of 13 years with the same company.  I gave my notice a few months ago but decided to work until the end of this year.  I know I will be fine because I have planned for this and wanted this for a couple of years.  As so many people are looking for jobs I am about to embark on a whole new me!

  I am not leaving empty handed.  I already have an income that is taking the place of the full time job.  I've just came to my term of doing the mundane for 13 years.  So anxiety is actually mixed with excitement.  Wish me luck~

  Above and beyond our mundane lives, the ones we think about and worry about every day made me really come to terms with what I wanted.  You see, my nephews have all been fighting for us.  They are all on home ground now and with their families.  But when I would frustrated with the little things around me on a daily basis, I would read my facebook (go figure), because before my nephews came home, this was where we could still relate and know they were still alive.

  One came home about 2 months ago from his grueling, never ending days in Iraq.  His job was not one any of us would want to do.  His job was one that we rarely heard about or from him.  Months would go by without even his wife hearing from him.  It had to be that way.

  One also came home, back in June.  Although he had to leave part of hisself behind.   The phone call my sister and his young 20 year old wife received was only the 2nd type of phone call you don't want to hear.  We all know what the first one is.  My nephew "J" lost his left foot to an IED.  He also lost his best friend!  "J" finally came home and is still in rehab.  His injuries were numerous, yet not.  He never lost consciousness.  He was blown away by the blast, yet it seems his friend must of took the brunt of the blast that inevidently saved "J".  

  He is coming home today.  He took his first steps yesterday, for the first time in 4 1/2 months!  He is coming home with the biggest smile on his face and in his voice that will have "Thanks~giving" written all over this proud, strong young man I can honorably and proudly say is my Nephew, Sgt J. Feagin!

  We are a proud military family.  I have 3 sisters all with sons who have and still are serving our country. 

  I believe we will have the "missing soldier table" again this year.  In honor of those that didn't get to come home.

  Remember them all in your prayers this Thanksgiving.

God Bless.



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