Hello all you cafemoms and kids.  Well its Amy B. and son again.  Just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and happy everyday.   Luckily, we are walking to some senior center and having Thanksgiving dinner there.  And the shelter will be buying some snacks like chips and soda for us for the holidays.  yaaayyy.  I love diet soda.  And the shelter does give a decent, human caring X-Mas for my son especially ..and for Mommy...weeeeee. I think I deserve a niceness or two.  Even if I didnt have any kids, I still would deserve a decent, happy life...I think.  Well be thankful for all you have everyone.  Especially your houses, clothes, food, toys for kids, pets ...everything.  Please keep us in your prayers or thoughts if u are not religious.  Wish for us to find a decent, safe, clean, nice happy new "home"/apartment SOON.  Thanks to all for the support and thoughts and encouragement.  Have a nice day and great holiday. 


Amy B.  of Greene County NY.  hate newyork....lol.  BUT SON AND I ARE HAPPY NOW...TOGETHER FOREVER.

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