I was referred to this site by a member. I really appreciated it because I like what I`ve learned about it.  The standard for participating was very refreshing in the uncensored world that we live in and yet opinions and conversation can still be expressed in an appropriate manner.  Neat!

I`m a home based Licensed Child Care Provider.  I started in 2004 as registered but actually have cared for children since before being a mom of three and a grams of eight. My philosophy for kids is that they should have an important place in my home.  They should feel secure and have reasonable boundaries. We go by a  schedule that can be flexible depending on the needs of the child.  It is important to me that parents are satisfied with the their childs` care.  Communication between the Provider and Parents is extremely important and that would begin during the interview process.  I serve ages 6 weeks through 5 years.  At thiis time, I care for two under 18 months old and one 18 month old . I also have a four year old. Although I can have up to 10 children I will only take six children.  If you would like more information please call 651-7397 or 306-0017.

I look forward to futurecoffee conversations.  By the way are there any more Leavenworth grams out there?


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