Well, with all the hustle and bustle of the upcoming shopping days, I thought it might be nice to share a FREE gift with some of my followers and visitors after all the hub- bub this weekend!    I don't know about you, but shopping stresses me out!  I am not a big fan of fighting a crowd at 4am! That is why I am thrilled about the concept of Cyber Monday!  I do most of my shopping online, anyway!  And for the holidays I typically try to create something - but, there are always those few people that you just have no idea what to get them (and I end up relying on a gift card)- but, this year I believe (and am determined!) that there is something unique, artisan crafted, handmade, out there that I can surprise them with!  So, I will be sleeping in on Friday, but up surfing the web bright and early Monday morning. So, back to the giveaway, right?  Well, here it goes: Win this gold and black, flower embellished, crochet choker just by commenting about something you saw at my shops or website that may have caught your interest!  That's it!  I will hold the drawing on Tuesday (which I have labeled, Take a breath Tuesday).   This choker is completely adjustable with a vintage style button closure.  The floral embellishment covers the button closure, but you can also remove the embellishment for a sleeker, contemporary look!  I like it both ways, and unfortunately I just could not commit to any one design so opted to combine both the ideas I had...It is created from a glitter metallic lame size 10 thread with a black size 3 to ensure durability and comfortable wear.  So, here is your chance to win it (with minimal work involved!)
So... if you want to win it, just hop over to my blog at http://mommytymegifts.blogspot.com and enter! Easy as pie (hmm... pie.. that sounds good!) Oh- and check out the list of sales and specials at various shops that I am promoting this weekend! Great deals- find this in the upper right hand column!

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