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rarely make history.

The Thanksgiving Parade goes by our house every year. Joss and I went outside to watch. It was pure torture for me, and Joss ate a ton of candy. So I guess she won't sleep tonight. o_o



Anyway, I'm at a loss for what to do. We go outside, she stays in the yard for 15 minutes, then after that she decides that she wants to go on the sidewalk. I tell her not to go on the sidewalk 100 times, and take her and put her back in the yard 100 times. She throws a fit 100 times. Then she decided to run into the road over and over.

I swatted her butt once every time she did it. She just kept doing it over and over.

It was hell.

She would throw a FIT every time I'd tell her not to go in the road and swat her butt. I heard people on the floats saying "Awww don't cry!" Fantastic. I feel like a shitty mom now, thanks Float People.

It eventually got so tedious that I said "You go out in the street one more time and we are GOING INSIDE." Cue 20-second fit.

Then she did it again. I ran out and snatched her up, gathered our things, and came inside.

Instead of a punishment, it was a treat. She whined for like 10 seconds then decided it was fun to be inside.


I'm just so frustrated. I tell her not to go in the street, she does it anyway. I punish her for doing it, she cries and makes me feel like shit. It's just....ughhhh. Then when I give her the final punishment, coming inside and not seeing people and waving at them, she acts like it's the best thing ever.


I'm jealous of all the happy parents I see. Their kids listen and don't go in the road. I looked like a big fat whale lumbering around behind Joss.


And now my back hurts from sitting on that concrete.


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Nov. 24, 2010 at 10:27 PM

And now breathe.  No one's kids are perfect.  No one's.  My kids get into trouble and do things they know they shouldn't...and they also fight with each other...a lot.  And they are only 3 and 7 months.  Lol!  All you can really do is keep reminding her not to go into the road (or whatever she's into for the day =P) and hope one day soon she gets it.  It's hard...but you can do it!  

And here's a little secret.  The parent's that look like they have it all together usually don't.  Lol!  You just catch them at a good moment.  Most of their kids have meltdowns, fits, and get into trouble, too.  


Hang it there!!



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Dec. 12, 2010 at 12:45 PM

I spent years being exhausted chasing my grrls around while other people's kids will sit and behave.. it isn't me(my mom skillz- altho I feel crappy about it a lot..)- cuz I was a kid who did what I was told.. some kids (my hubby was one of them!!!;) just have a stronger discovery drive and less of a *want everyone to love me* drive..

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