so here we are, cheerfully 33 weeks along :-)

we've been exceptionally careful, and luckily all our precautions seem to be working as this little one is still in the belly not out lol

at 32 weeks, my OB put me on substantial bed rest, as a precautionary measure because of all the contractions I've been having. So far my cervix is still closed, but super soft and I'm losing my mucous plug in little clumps. Basically, my OB feels that if I'll spend more time lying down than up during a day's time the chances of my going into early labor drastically decrease. 

He also mentioned that once we get past 34 weeks, baby's prognosis is essentially the same as if she comes at 36 or 37 weeks so he feels like 34 weeks is our last hurdle to jump HOORAY!!

luckily this week is thanksgiving break, so I've really been able to just lay on the couch and take it super easy the majority of the time, Jason has been amazing. He's taking care of everything for me and continues to remind me to take it easy. He's always checking in to see if I've had more contractions and such and making sure that I'm okay.

it's been a great week so far, and tomorrow we're heading to Jason's sister's house to celebrate thanksgiving with his family. 

hope everyone has a wonderful, safe holiday :-)

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Nov. 24, 2010 at 9:20 PM

Happy Turkey day  to you too...

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