I have been under alot of stress due to getting a new house, well rather taking over my husband's family's home place, getting it ready to move into, husband looking for a better paying job with maybe more hours then the one he has delievering pizza, my daughters having asthma really bad in the winter time. Well anyways, my period seems to be a bit late, i have a period planner on my ipod touch and with the data it says it was due on the 13th but going by what my mom told me and taught me, it would be due on the 22nd. The planner goes by the 1st day (or start day) and my mom goes by the last day. My first question is which is the right way to tell when it starts? And the other is could i be pregnant? My husband and I have been sexually active as all married couples is. I have took test after test and it comes back negative. Someone told me it could be too soon. I just need answers, I am just worried.

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