I have so many friends joining and already into it, I thought we could all share our successes and tips. So far this is what I have gotten figured out :)

For anyone who doesn't know Swagbucks is a search engine that uses google and ask.com for their search results. They get paid when you search and in return they give you "swagbucks" that you can then use in their "swagshop" to buy things. I joined in Sept and have earned about $50 in Amazon.com gift cards. They have all kinds of things you can buy and several types of gift cards (Target, Amazon, Starbucks, paypal, etc). 

Swagcodes - http://sbcodez.com/ use this site to watch for swagcodes. Basically these are just codes you enter on your swagbucks homepage (under your account summary it says "enter your Swag Code") and it will give you points. You are not allowed to post the actual code anywhere, like telling others about it but you can post telling them where to find the codes for themselves, like this website does. 

I do my daily top 5 - refresh my toolbar (1pt), skip through the NOSO's (1pt), log into the daily surveys (1pt - however I no longer try to do the surveys b/c it seems nobody ever really gets points from them, but I did do all the ones in my survey profile), daily poll (1pt) and swagbucks tv (5pts every few videos, I just let it play while I check my email or play) 

Referrals - get referrals!! I've gotten SO many points from referrals. It's awesome walking away for a few hours and coming back, seeing your swagbuck count go from 10 to like 150 while you were gone.  You only get swagbucks for their searches, not anything else they do. 

As soon as I get my Amazon gift cards I go to Amazon and enter them there. In your profile on Amazon click on "Apply a Gift Certificate/Card to Your Account" under the Gift Card section in the Payment section. Then enter the code for your gift card. It will keep them for you until you purchase something. So far Amazon GC's are the only ones I've bought, since I'm stocking them up for Christmas. I'm not sure how the ones like paypal, starbucks, etc work, so maybe someone else can chime in on that.

Join the swagbucks page on FB and look through their discussions page, there are TONS more tips from more serious swagbuckers lol for now all this works for me. 

Download the toolbar, you'll get points just for using it to search. Also change your bookmarks to the "search" for your sites instead of going straight to those sites. I do a search for Facebook to get here and Yahoo Mail to get to my mail instead of bookmarking them now. 

This site also has some tips http://www.earnontheside.com/2008/07/swagbucks-tips-and-tricks/ - do a search for "swagbucks tips" and you'll find even more! 


HTH's some, if you've discovered some additional tips & tricks, please share them!

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