I am so stressed out. This is the worst Thanksgiving ever. We are far away from our family and my kids dad walked out on us. He was supposed to come visit for Thanksgiving, but he had a job interview today and got hired. Since he starts Friday morning, he doesn't want to come visit just for a day. I have no money. Our rent is almost a month past due. My kids lost their cell phone so when they have to be latch key kids at home, I'll have no way to contact them. I'm so unhappy and everyone wants me to move back home close to the family and their dad, but my son is doing so well up here. He finally got diagnosed as PDD-NOS and severe ADHD and so he is getting the necessary treatment. He is seeing a nutritionist for his obesity. He is no longer in regular special ed class where his classmates were holding him back educationally. He is now in general ed and pulled out for his services of PT, OT and counseling, I can't take him back to NYC, no matter how much I am struggling up here. My daughter, she'd do well anywhere, but my baby boy, my first born, my sweet sweet boy, he needs me to do what's best for him. Besides, they are both in a really really great magnet school in a significantly nicer area than we live in. Hopefully maybe next year with our taxes we can move closer to their school. 

I'm at a dead end job that just giving me 4 or so hours a week. Social services still hasn't let me know if, when or how they're going to help us. SSI still hasn't approved my son's case and God only knows how long it'll take for them to approve it or if they ever will approve it. They already denied him once and we're in the process of appealing the decision. I just don't what to do with myself. The only reason we got a turkey this year was because their principal got them one from her church. It's really good by the way. I made it early because I thought their father was going to show up and I wanted to have it ready. Anyway, it's all nice and juicy and buttery. So soft, it practically melts away on your tongue. It's the best turkey I've ever made and it's just the kids and I to appreciate it. No gramma, no uncle and no "daddy dearest" for the kiddos. Just me. Sometimes I don't feel as if I am good enough for them.

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