Runaway With Me, Alice

Into My Imagination

A knock on my door pulls me out of my dismal confused mindless slumber. I blink a couple times before sitting up. I groggily push myself up and make my way to my door. I pull it open and look at my mom.

"Hey hon, hurry up and get dressed. I want to run some errands before heading off to the mall." I nod in response, and shut the door with a quiet click. I sigh as I force myself to wake up. A shiver runs up my spine as a tiny breeze wafts through the cracked balcony doors, bring the smell of spring to my tired senses. I grope along the bathroom wall before finally locating the light switch and cringe as the small room is lite up with bright, florescent lighting. I step into my bathroom and glance at the mirror, taking in my reflection. It is obvious I am sleep deprived. I wince and turn to my shower, turning on the faucet and pulling the stopper, watching the water cascade from the shower head above me. I lean my back against my sink, watching the fog waft out in puffs of air from under the shower curtain. I look back to the mirror and take myself in. I am sickly thin and pale. I have bags under my eyes and my cheeks look sunken in. I sigh and look back to my shower stale, feeling a rush of self hatred taking over me. I begin to remove each article of clothing on my body, avoiding all possible interactions with the mirror.

~ ~ ~ ~

I walk, aimlessly, past store after store. Occasionally peeking in as I pass by. I don't bother to stop and browse. I just want to keep on walking. My paranoia set in the moment I entered the mall, and when the paranoia starts, so does the claustrophobia. I stop in front of a tiny but stylish store, apparently aimed at late-teens and young adults. I peek in and find that the clothing they have fits my taste, and their prices don't seem to outrageous. I take a deep breath and walk in, closing my eyes for a moment to calm my rattling nerves. After I feel my body begin to relax, I flutter my eyes back open and fully take in what the store has to offer. As I begin to explore, I find various articles of clothing that catch my eyes.

After taking my time browsing through rake after rake, I adjust the items I want to try on in my arms and walk towards the changing room. I glance around, unsure of the proceeder before notice the young lady working the register. She smiles her greeting, before stepping out and approaching me, letting me in to the small cubicles. I head through the rows, locating one that in unoccupied and go about trying my selections on. Pleased with how each article of clothing fits, I walk back out and make a swift approach to purchase them. I smile at the young lady from before and set each piece down, making comfortable conversation with her as she rings up my purchases. I let my eyes wander the tiny store as I wait for the total, when someone catches my eye. I immediately turn back to the girl and the register and pretend that I did not notice a certain pair of soft chocolate eyes. With a soft, gentle smile, she announces my total and I hand her my credit card. She runs it through, has me sign and then hands me my bag. I give a small nod before turning back around, quickly scanning the floor for those familiar before heading to the exit, clutching the plastic bag to my chest.

As soon as I reach the exit and go to step out of the store, I am stopped by a soft, familiar voice. A voice that causes a shudder to run the length of my spine and make me clench my eyes shut.

"Hallo Charliegh."

My eyes fly open at the sound of my name and I slowly turn to face the person I used to know so well. I gasp softly when I come face to face with both the boys who haunt my dreams. I let my eyes roam both their slender physics, before flickering up to the soft chocolate eyes from before. I inhale sharply, before breathing out his name, the feeling like sandpaper on my tongue.


Bill smiles, though it being a small, but a smile none the less. I feel my lips twitch at the attempt to return the gesture, but it falls just as fast as it began. My eyes flicker to the ground, and I begin to shuffle my feet. Wanting to leave the store, but feeling the need to stay. I could hear the soft breathing of the two young men in front of me, and I find my eyes flickering back up to theirs.

"Charliegh .." Bill starts, but trails off soon after. I nod, not really sure if I actually want to know what it is he wanted to tell me. A soft passes his lips before he shakes his head, the long, ebony mane that surrounds his angelic face swishing with the action. “I... we … We want you to know that we still care, deeply, about you.” I let my eyes slowly scan from one pair of soft brown eyes to the other, identical pair. I feel the panic that I had previously stopped, rise up again and I feel my chest tighten up. Hot, salty tears begin to well up in my eyes, blurring out my vision. I choke back a sob and run from the store. Leaving them to watch me run from them, once again.

I stop running when my lung burn for oxygen. I drop onto the bench in front of me and dig around for my cell phone, shakily punching in my mother's cell number, putting the phone to my ear and forcing myself to calm down.

After the third ring, I hear the soothing voice of my mother on the other end.

"I'm ready to leave now."

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Nov. 24, 2010 at 11:58 PM

Starting to feel sad for the twins...maybe chapter 7 will be happier?...waiting patiently

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