Thank you to those who prayed for the agencies to be able to help us. I am thankful to say that our Thanksgiving dinner is going to happen. Loaves and Fishes gave us so much food that I have no more room in my cupboards or fridge. We have everything we are going to need to make sure the kids have Thanksgiving this year. I was sitting in the office praying the entire time for them to give us food, even if it was just enough to last for a month and that was it, I didn't care if we could never go back, just as long as our kids ate I would do anything they wanted. Not only did they give us food for the kids though, they gave us baby food for the baby as well. I was thanking God all the way home this morning.

Of course, none of it could have happened if I hadn't been able to get Eirianna's social security number this morning. The woman who helped me yesterday called this morning to let me know that she had the number for me. I met her behind the building with the printoff becuase it was before office hours (I had told her yesterday that I wouldn't be able to run up and get the printoff when the office closed because I needed to be in line at Loaves and Fishes by 9 or else they wouldn't let me get any food so she told me to come up before the office opened and she would get everything I needed for Eirianna). I got her nnumber, went and got the food, and then after dropping the husband off at work (work is a blessing for me, I mean, it gets him OUT of the house and out from UNDER my feet, worse than a child)

After dropping him off I was scared to death that Toys for Tots would be so packed that they would tell me that I missed out becuase they were full, but there wasn't anyone there! When I went in (yes I had all my kids with me) the woman met me at the door, had me fill out an application, and then went and got a toy for Sophia, Matthew, AND Eirianna. Those kids sat on the floor playing with their new toys while I went through the application process. Everything went without a hitch. They said that I will be getting a phone call from someone within the week to go and pick up the toys for my children and that they should get a little bit of everything from the list of what they would like ( I didn't put extravagant items on the list, Sophia had barbie dolls, baby dolls, something princess, crayons/paints/markers, Matthew had trucks, trains, cars, crayons/paints/markers, and I left Eirianna's blank because she's only 6 months old, whatever toy they give her is fine by her as long as it's age appropriate)

We even got an added surprise. The ex-wife had told my husband that the only time he'll get to see his kids this week would be on Thanksgiving because her husband wouldn't be working and could watch them while she worked. This afternoon she called and said her husband had to go to work and asked if we could watch them for her. Saying yes meant my husband had to find a ride home, but it was worth it. The kids all played together and really enjoyed themselves. I had a good laugh at my step-son though. Everytime he comes over here he takes his shoes/socks/ and shirt off and makes himself at home. Then he procrastinates getting everything together which makes the ex-wife have to wait on him before she can leave. Lol, he asked her tonight if she could just let him stay since he couldn't find his shoes! Needless to say, he found them, though he didn't seem happy that he would miss out on the taste-testing that tomorrow will bring, but that's okay.

God is Good....

All the time!!!!

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Nov. 25, 2010 at 12:22 AM


   Isn't it Amazing how that Little Angel sitting on our shoulder is Always there just when we need them the most? i am so happy that you & your family will have a Happy & Thankful Thanksgiving & Christmas:)

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