So how many people are or did fly this holiday weekend?? How many of you were subjected to the body searches that are now implemented at the airports by the TSA Agents? How many of you know that these agents are actual federal employees?

Heres my point. We all have the right under the 4th Amendment to our right to privacy. The Government cannot put bugs in our houses and listen to our conversations. So why is it that they think that they have the right to search our bodies without our permission. Do you want them "molesting" your child/ren? Because thats what they are doing. I know for myself that I would not want one of them taking their hands and rubbing them all over the person in front of me then even with their rubber gloves on rubbing or patting me down with the same ones?

I know someone is going tosay you don't have to fly or they are trying to protect us. But think about this too. Why are they only in the airports? Why are they not in the train stations, the subways, the bus stations? They have bombs going off there too!!

I hope I have inspired some people to think about what I have said and if not I hope I have not made anyone mad either...

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